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713354 messages uk.people.silversurfers Advice and chat for older internet users
206018 messages uk.people.consumers.ebay Doing business on Ebay in the UK
160008 messages uk.people.support.depression Advice, support and chat for depressed people.
60220 messages uk.people.disability discussion of disability related topics in the UK
48036 messages uk.people.gothic Discussion about issues relating to Gothic Culture
19748 messages uk.people.health Health-related issues relevant to the UK
15304 messages uk.people.parents Discussion about parental childcare
14727 messages uk.people.consumers Discussion about products and services
11513 messages uk.people.bdsm Discussion of bondage, discipline, s/m and D/s
9018 messages uk.people.support.arthritis Arthritis and related issues
8165 messages uk.people.dead UK obituaries and discussion of dead people
5838 messages uk.people.support.cfs-me chronic fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis
4996 messages uk.people.parents.pregnancy Pregnancy and childbirth
4834 messages uk.people.ex-forces ex-members of HM Forces
3674 messages uk.people.sf-fans Discussion area for UK SF fans
3145 messages uk.people.support.mult-sclerosis Multiple sclerosis & treatment in the UK
2608 messages uk.people.crossdressing-
2140 messages uk.people.support.diabetes Advice, support and chat about diabetes
1963 messages uk.people.disability.transport Transport issues for the disabled
1599 messages uk.people.polyamorous-
1551 messages uk.people.support.mental-health Discussion of UK mental health issues
1521 messages uk.people.fathers Social issues affecting fathers and their children
1419 messages uk.people.deaf Discussion about issues relating to deaf people
1373 messages uk.people.bdsm.personals Personal ads for bondage, D/s & s/m in the UK (Moderated)
1154 messages uk.people.disability.bikers For disabled bikers to discover a new freedom
805 messages uk.people.adoption.searching All aspects of adoption searching in the UK
650 messages uk.people.adoption.misc All aspects of adoption in the UK
633 messages uk.people.support.epilepsy Epilepsy & treatment in the UK