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690420 messages uk.media.tv.misc Discussion of all aspects of TV in the UK
240134 messages uk.media.radio.archers Discussion of the BBC radio soap opera "The Archers"
140466 messages uk.media.dvd The Digital Versatile Disc medium in the UK
89153 messages uk.media.tv.sf.drwho Doctor Who discussion from a UK perspective
55396 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r4 General issues and programmes on BBC Radio Four
39585 messages uk.media.tv.sky Programmes on the British Sky Broadcasting network
29237 messages uk.media.home-cinema A group to discuss all aspects of Home Cinema in the UK
28689 messages uk.media.tv.sf.startrek For discussion of Star Trek relevant to the UK
23366 messages uk.media.animation.anime The UK Anime & Manga scene
21203 messages uk.media.tv.buffy-v-slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer
19196 messages uk.media Discussion of Media in the UK
media_1 13796 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r2 People and programmes on BBC Radio 2
12049 messages uk.media.newspapers Read all about it! Discussion of UK newspapers
11187 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r1 People, Programmes and Related Topics on BBC Radio 1
11176 messages uk.media.tv.angel Fans of the TV show Angel
11012 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r5 Issues and programmes on BBC Radio 5 Live
8723 messages uk.media.tv.sf.farscape Farscape sci-fi tv series as screened in the UK
6688 messages uk.media.films.carry-on Carry On Films and all those who worked on them
5573 messages uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5 Discussion of Babylon-5 relevant to the UK
5485 messages uk.media.tv.west-wing The TV show The West Wing as screened in the UK
5177 messages uk.media.radio.radcliffe discussion about Mark Radcliffe's radio show
3191 messages uk.media.tv.hollyoaks The TV programme 'Hollyoaks'
3072 messages uk.media.tv.friends UK discussion regarding the US TV series Friends
2294 messages uk.media.films to discuss films amongst all inhabitants of the UK
1800 messages uk.media.tv.twenty-four For discussion of "24" relevant to the UK
1509 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-world-service Programmes of the BBC World Service
1338 messages uk.media.tv.er Discussion of TV medical drama ER within the UK
1256 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r3 For discussion of the output of BBC Radio 3
1112 messages uk.media.radio.misc UK Radio issues and programming
882 messages uk.media.tv.simpsons UK based discussion of US TV series The Simpsons
873 messages uk.media.tv.cable Discussion of cable television in the UK
788 messages uk.media.tv.sf.misc Group for general discussions of Science Fiction on UK television
728 messages uk.media.tv.brookside The Channel 4 TV programme 'Brookside'
719 messages uk.media.tv.time-team Popular archaeology series on C4
586 messages uk.media.books.sf Science Fiction literature relevant to the UK
534 messages uk.media.broadcast.commercials Broadcast adverts in the UK
350 messages uk.media.tv.childrens discussion of UK children's TV by people of all ages
337 messages uk.media.radio.hospital Hospital Radio in United Kingdom
318 messages uk.media.tv.xena-
305 messages uk.media.tv.us-sitcoms General discussion on UK airings of US sitcoms
298 messages uk.media.postproduction All aspects of post-production in the UK
297 messages uk.media.tv.sf.x-files Discussion of the X-Files series shown on UK TV
235 messages uk.media.tv.smallville The TV programme Smallville
209 messages uk.media.tv.dawsons-creek Dawsons Creek episodes already aired in the UK
159 messages uk.media.tv.robot-wars The TV show Robot Wars