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628533 messages comp.sys.mac.advocacy The Macintosh computer family compared to others.
300968 messages comp.sys.mac.system Discussions of Macintosh system software.
206845 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action Arcade-style games on PCs.
190393 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg Role-playing games on the PC.
156793 messages comp.sys.mac.apps Discussions of Macintosh applications.
101268 messages comp.sys.cbm Discussion about Commodore micros.
95195 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.war-historical Wargames based on historical conflicts.
95063 messages comp.sys.laptops Laptop (portable) computers.
84810 messages comp.sys.acorn.misc Acorn computing in general.
73103 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.storage Hard drives & other PC storage devices.
70751 messages comp.sys.apple2 Discussion about Apple II micros.
68727 messages comp.sys.hp48 Hewlett-Packard's HP48 and HP28 calculators.
68248 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic Strategy/planning games on PCs.
63269 messages comp.sys.palmtops.pilot The Pilot handheld computer.
60865 messages comp.sys.sinclair Sinclair computers, eg. the ZX81, Spectrum and QL.
57610 messages comp.sys.mac.misc General discussions about the Apple Macintosh.
56980 messages comp.sys.acorn.apps Acorn software applications.
48270 messages comp.sys.ibm.ps2.hardware Microchannel hardware, any vendor.
47773 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.flight-sim Flight simulators on PCs.
44581 messages comp.sys.ibm.as400.misc IBM AS/400 miscellaneous topics.
41169 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.chips Processor, cache, memory chips, etc.
38030 messages comp.sys.hp.mpe Issues pertaining to MPE & 3000 series computers.
34477 messages comp.sys.acorn.hardware Acorn hardware.
28535 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure Adventure (non-rpg) games on PCs.
27524 messages comp.sys.atari.st Discussion about 16 bit Atari micros.
26938 messages comp.sys.mac.comm Discussion of Macintosh communications.
24030 messages comp.sys.mac.portables Discussion particular to laptop Macintoshes.
23087 messages comp.sys.mac.programmer.help Help with Macintosh programming.
22717 messages comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc General Mac hardware topics not already covered.
22477 messages comp.sys.sun.hardware Sun Microsystems hardware.
22256 messages comp.sys.intel Discussions about Intel systems and parts.
21118 messages comp.sys.acorn.programmer Programming of Acorn computers.
20781 messages comp.sys.atari.8bit Discussion about 8 bit Atari micros.
19566 messages comp.sys.hp.hardware Discussion of Hewlett Packard system hardware.
18516 messages comp.sys.sun.admin Sun system administration issues and questions.
18483 messages comp.sys.palmtops Super-powered calculators in the palm of your hand.
16567 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.video Video cards & monitors for the PC.
16112 messages comp.sys.acorn.networking Networking of Acorn computers.
15761 messages comp.sys.hp.hpux Issues pertaining to HP-UX & 9000 series computers.
15728 messages comp.sys.mac.programmer.codewarrior Macintosh programming using CodeWarrior.
11499 messages comp.sys.amiga.hardware Amiga computer hardware, Q&A, reviews, etc.
11418 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.sports Discussion of sports games for the IBM PC.
11306 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.space-sim PC space flight simulation games.
10875 messages comp.sys.tandy Discussion about Tandy computers: new & old.
10223 messages comp.sys.amiga.advocacy Why an Amiga is better than XYZ.
9994 messages comp.sys.dec Discussions about DEC computer systems.
9986 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.misc Miscellaneous PC hardware topics.
9834 messages comp.sys.amstrad.8bit Amstrad CPC/PcW/GX4000 software/hardware.
9648 messages comp.sys.amiga.games Discussion of games for the Commodore Amiga.
9550 messages comp.sys.arm The ARM processor architecture and support chips.
9284 messages comp.sys.apple2.programmer Programming on the Apple II.
9049 messages comp.sys.sun.announce Sun announcements and Sunergy mailings. (Moderated)
8791 messages comp.sys.mac.games.adventure Adventure games for the Macintosh.
8652 messages comp.sys.sgi.hardware Base systems and peripherals for Iris computers.
7530 messages comp.sys.psion.misc Discussion about miscellaneous Psion related topics.
7319 messages comp.sys.handhelds Handheld computers and programmable calculators.
7139 messages comp.sys.apple2.marketplace Buying, selling and trading Apple II equipment.
7013 messages comp.sys.amiga.misc Discussions not falling in another Amiga group.
6935 messages comp.sys.tandem Tandem computers and related environments.
6845 messages comp.sys.sgi.admin System administration on Silicon Graphics's Irises.
6118 messages comp.sys.mac.printing All about printing hardware and software on the Mac.
5980 messages comp.sys.mac.hardware.storage All forms of Mac storage hardware and media.
5811 messages comp.sys.oric Oric computers (Oric1, Atmos, Telestrat, et cetera).
5434 messages comp.sys.acorn.games Discussion of games for Acorn machines.
4679 messages comp.sys.mac.programmer.misc Other issues of Macintosh programming.
4655 messages comp.sys.sgi.misc General discussion about Silicon Graphics's machines.
4567 messages comp.sys.mac.hardware.video Video input and output hardware on the Mac.
4530 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.marketplace PC clone games wanted and for sale.
4517 messages comp.sys.super Supercomputers.
4512 messages comp.sys.unisys Sperry, Burroughs, Convergent and Unisys* systems.
4505 messages comp.sys.mac.games.flight-sim Flight simulator gameplay on the Mac.
4238 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.networking Network hardware & equipment for the PC.
4132 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.systems Whole IBM PC computer & clone systems.
4121 messages comp.sys.sgi.marketplace SGI-specific for sale, wanted and jobs.
3763 messages comp.sys.amiga.marketplace Where to find it, prices, etc.
3472 messages comp.sys.acorn.advocacy Why Acorn computers and programs are better.
3294 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.naval PC computer games devoted to naval warfare.
3293 messages comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad IBM/Lenovo line of laptop computers.
3180 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard.tech Technical questions about pc soundcards.
3170 messages comp.sys.powerpc.tech Programming and architecture of PowerPC processors.
3063 messages comp.sys.acorn.announce Announcements for Acorn and ARM users. (Moderated)
2905 messages comp.sys.mac.graphics Macintosh graphics: paint, draw, 3D, CAD, animation.
2832 messages comp.sys.sun.misc Miscellaneous discussions about Sun products.
2783 messages comp.sys.msx The MSX home computer system.
2766 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.classic The "classic" IBM PC and compatibles of the 1980s.
2611 messages comp.sys.mac.programmer.tools Macintosh programming tools.
2531 messages comp.sys.atari.st.tech Technical discussions of Atari ST hard/software.
2504 messages comp.sys.sgi.apps Applications which run on the Iris.
2248 messages comp.sys.mac.games.action Action games for the Macintosh.
2194 messages comp.sys.mac.games.strategic Strategy/planning games on the Macintosh.
2094 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.demos Demonstration programs which showcase programmer skill.
1995 messages comp.sys.mac.wanted Postings of "I want XYZ for my Mac."
1971 messages comp.sys.hp.misc Issues not covered in any other comp.sys.hp.* group.
1862 messages comp.sys.sun.wanted People looking for Sun products and support.
1843 messages comp.sys.ti Discussion about Texas Instruments.
1735 messages comp.sys.mac.oop.powerplant Metrowerks' PowerPlant (CodeWarrior) Framework.
1726 messages comp.sys.xerox Xerox 1100 workstations and protocols.
1678 messages comp.sys.amiga.programmer Developers & hobbyists discuss code.
1636 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.cd-rom CD-ROM drives and interfaces for the PC.
1500 messages comp.sys.psion.apps Discussion about Psion specific programs.
1441 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.misc Games not covered by other PC groups.
1400 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard.misc Soundcards in general.
1393 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.announce Announcements for all PC gamers. (Moderated)
1374 messages comp.sys.sun.apps Software applications for Sun computer systems.
1372 messages comp.sys.prime Prime Computer products.
1338 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.misc Discussion about IBM personal computers.
1239 messages comp.sys.next.hardware Discussing the physical aspects of NeXT computers.
1145 messages comp.sys.m68k Discussion about 68k's.
1122 messages comp.sys.sgi.graphics Graphics packages and issues on SGI machines.
1116 messages comp.sys.mac.databases Database systems for the Apple Macintosh.
1062 messages comp.sys.transputer The Transputer computer and OCCAM language.
1000 messages comp.sys.psion.programmer Discussion about Psion programming.
970 messages comp.sys.newton.misc Miscellaneous discussion about Newton systems.
942 messages comp.sys.stratus Stratus products, incl. System/88, CPS-32, VOS and FTX.
820 messages comp.sys.ibm.sys3x.misc IBM System/34, System/36, System/38 diverse topics.
802 messages comp.sys.apple2.usergroups All about Apple II user groups.
793 messages comp.sys.psion.comm Discussions about Psion communications.
786 messages comp.sys.next.software Function, use and availability of NeXT programs.
766 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard.music Music and sound questions using soundcards.
736 messages comp.sys.amiga.applications Miscellaneous applications.
717 messages comp.sys.hp.apps Discussion of software and apps on all HP platforms.
714 messages comp.sys.amiga.networking Amiga networking software/hardware.
658 messages comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpu Extra CPUs in Acorn computers.
640 messages comp.sys.dec.micro DEC Micros (Rainbow, Professional 350/380).
635 messages comp.sys.psion.marketplace Buy and sell Psion computers and accessories.
624 messages comp.sys.mac.hypercard The Macintosh Hypercard: info & uses.
616 messages comp.sys.m6809 Discussion about 6809's.
615 messages comp.sys.3b1 Discussion and support of AT&T 7300/3B1/UnixPC.
602 messages comp.sys.amiga.emulations Various hardware & software emulators.
582 messages comp.sys.apple2.comm Apple II data communications.
571 messages comp.sys.mac.oop.misc Object oriented programming issues on the Mac.
545 messages comp.sys.mac.games.marketplace Macintosh games for sale and trade.
541 messages comp.sys.mac.games.misc Macintosh games not covered in other groups.
518 messages comp.sys.mips Systems based on MIPS chips.
505 messages comp.sys.next.marketplace NeXT hardware, software and jobs.
503 messages comp.sys.next.sysadmin Discussions related to NeXT system administration.
476 messages comp.sys.be.help Help getting your Be{Box,OS} working.
437 messages comp.sys.be.programmer Topics related to BeOS programming.
418 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.comm Modems & communication cards for the PC.
395 messages comp.sys.atari.programmer Programming on the Atari computer.
381 messages comp.sys.atari.announce Atari related hard/software announcements. (Moderated)
374 messages comp.sys.pen Interacting with computers through pen gestures.
367 messages comp.sys.cdc Control Data Corporation Computers (e.g., Cybers).
360 messages comp.sys.mac.scitech Using the Macintosh in scientific & technological work.
350 messages comp.sys.next.misc General discussion about the NeXT computer system.
334 messages comp.sys.sgi.bugs Bugs found in the IRIX operating system.
333 messages comp.sys.apollo Apollo computer systems.
317 messages comp.sys.northstar Northstar microcomputer users.
295 messages comp.sys.ncr Discussion about NCR computers.
292 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard.games Questions about using soundcards with games.
288 messages comp.sys.be.misc Miscellaneous BeOS/BeBox related topics.
275 messages comp.sys.amiga.graphics Charts, graphs, pictures, etc.
271 messages comp.sys.powerpc.advocacy Why the PowerPC is Good/Evil (delete one).
269 messages comp.sys.atari.advocacy Attacking and defending Atari computers.
269 messages comp.sys.mentor Mentor Graphics products & the Silicon Compiler System.
269 messages comp.sys.sgi.audio Audio on SGI systems.
268 messages comp.sys.zenith.z100 The Zenith Z-100 (Heath H-100) family of computers.
255 messages comp.sys.newton.marketplace Newton-specific forsale, wanted & jobs.
254 messages comp.sys.misc Discussion about computers of all kinds.
252 messages comp.sys.att Discussions about AT&T microcomputers.
246 messages comp.sys.be.advocacy Why BeOS is better/worse than XYZ.
230 messages comp.sys.amiga.cd32 Technical and computing talk for Commodore Amiga CD32.
228 messages comp.sys.powerpc.misc Miscellaneous questions about PowerPC processors.
227 messages comp.sys.next.advocacy The NeXT religion.
225 messages comp.sys.apple2.gno The AppleIIgs GNO multitasking environment.
215 messages comp.sys.amiga.datacomm Methods of getting bytes in and out.
208 messages comp.sys.mac.programmer.games Macintosh game programming.
201 messages comp.sys.amiga.multimedia Animations, video, & multimedia.
201 messages comp.sys.next.programmer NeXT related programming issues.
188 messages comp.sys.intergraph Intergraph hardware and software products.
187 messages comp.sys.amiga.audio Music, MIDI, speech synthesis, other sounds.
169 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.rt Topics related to IBM's RT computer.
167 messages comp.sys.net-computer.misc Network Computers and related topics.
162 messages comp.sys.amiga.morphos ?
131 messages comp.sys.newton.programmer Discussion of Newton software development.
130 messages comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard.advocacy Advocacy for a particular soundcard.
122 messages comp.sys.amiga.introduction Group for newcomers to Amigas.
122 messages comp.sys.net-computer.advocacy Relative merits of Network Computers.
122 messages comp.sys.wearables Wearable computers and their applications. (Moderated)
112 messages comp.sys.m88k Discussion about 88k-based computers.
111 messages comp.sys.mac.oop.macapp3 Version 3 of the MacApp object oriented system.
107 messages comp.sys.nsc.32k National Semiconductor 32000 series chips.
102 messages comp.sys.sequent Sequent systems, (Balance and Symmetry).
97 messages comp.sys.amiga.announce Announcements about the Amiga. (Moderated)
93 messages comp.sys.harris Harris computer systems, especially real-time systems.
79 messages comp.sys.isis The ISIS distributed system from Cornell.
78 messages comp.sys.pyramid Pyramid 90x computers.
76 messages comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl Symantec's THINK Class Library for object programming.
73 messages comp.sys.next.bugs Discussion and solutions for known NeXT bugs.
70 messages comp.sys.encore Encore's MultiMax computers.
69 messages comp.sys.tahoe CCI 6/32, Harris HCX/7, & Sperry 7000 computers.
66 messages comp.sys.amiga.uucp Amiga UUCP packages.
58 messages comp.sys.convex Convex computer systems hardware and software.
57 messages comp.sys.alliant Info and discussion about Alliant computers.
56 messages comp.sys.proteon Proteon gateway products.
55 messages comp.sys.ridge Ridge 32 computers and ROS.