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20738 messages comp.software-eng Software Engineering and related topics.
13282 messages comp.software.testing All aspects of testing computer systems.
12037 messages comp.software.extreme-programming Extreme Programming discussions.
9940 messages comp.software.shareware.announce Shareware announcements. (Moderated)
6414 messages comp.software.config-mgmt Configuration management, tools and procedures.
2697 messages comp.software.year-2000 Year 2000 compliance: projects and issues.
1675 messages comp.software.shareware.authors Creation of shareware. (Moderated)
1422 messages comp.software.patterns Design, organizational and other software patterns.
840 messages comp.software.licensing Software licensing technology.
785 messages comp.software.measurement Discussions of software metrics.
659 messages comp.software.international Finding, using & writing non-English software
605 messages comp.software.arabic Arabic script software. (Moderated)