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190156 messages comp.databases.ms-access MS Windows' relational database system, Access.
139770 messages comp.databases.oracle.server Oracle database administration/server topics.
58142 messages comp.databases.ms-sqlserver Microsoft's SQL Server and related products.
52327 messages comp.databases.ibm-db2 Problem resolution with DB2 database products.
50900 messages comp.databases.informix Informix database management software discussions.
47279 messages comp.databases.theory Discussing advances in database technology.
45126 messages comp.databases.oracle.misc Oracle related topics.
44823 messages comp.databases.filemaker Technical discussions about FileMaker.
38532 messages comp.databases.pick Pick-like, post-relational, database systems.
27598 messages comp.databases.mysql MySQL RDBMS technical discussions.
19139 messages comp.databases Database and data management issues and theory.
databases_1 15897 messages comp.databases.ingres Issues relating to INGRES products.
14767 messages comp.databases.paradox Borland's database for DOS & MS Windows.
14074 messages comp.databases.oracle.tools Oracle software tools/applications.
10127 messages comp.databases.sybase Implementations of the SQL Server.
5275 messages comp.databases.berkeley-db The Berkeley DB libraries.
4842 messages comp.databases.oracle.marketplace Oracle-related jobs, etc.
3536 messages comp.databases.btrieve Pervasive Software client/server development.
3046 messages comp.databases.xbase.fox Fox Software's xBase system and compatibles.
3038 messages comp.databases.olap Analytical Processing, Multidimensional DBMS, EIS, DSS.
2633 messages comp.databases.progress The Progress 4GL & RDBMS.
2571 messages comp.databases.object Object-oriented paradigms in database systems.
2030 messages comp.databases.postgresql PGSQL Relational Database Management System.
747 messages comp.databases.rdb The relational database engine RDB from DEC.
647 messages comp.databases.xbase.codebase CodeBase and its related products.
495 messages comp.databases.gupta Gupta SQLWindows client-server development.
451 messages comp.databases.revelation All products produced by Revelation Software.
387 messages comp.databases.adabas ADABAS Database topics in general.
362 messages comp.databases.visual-dbase Database discussions using Visual dBASE.
192 messages comp.databases.xbase.misc Discussion of xBase (dBASE-like) products.